• Security Update

    How’s it going, world? Since last time, we’ve done some modifications as all you out there could see, and the most important one is that we’ve migrated our connection to a secured one. See that green lock in front of “https://” from the url adress bar ? Yep, that’s it. Ok, what does that mean, […]

    20 March, 2016
  • Minor updates

    Hey people! Today our website went crazy as some of you could tell. It’s ok, we didn’t got hacked or drunk or anything like that 😀 some modifications were made live on the website files.   So…. we’ve just maded some minor changes. From now on every visitor will need to make an account on […]

    30 January, 2016
  • Trick or Treat?

    Boooohooo! Did we scare you with our halloween update? As you can see, we’ve managed to modify the website theme a bit just for the sake of halloween spirit, hope you like it 🙂 Also, we did some tehnical improvements over the course so that you can enjoy using our website on mobile, tablet and […]

    29 October, 2015
  • Grand opening

    Hello world! ? Get your popcorn and your beverage ready and prepare for tons of movies and series online in HD quality for free! We’ve just opened so give us a little time ? In the meantime you can spread a word about us to your friends and family, it would help a lot!? Here […]

    23 September, 2015