Security Update


How’s it going, world?

Since last time, we’ve done some modifications as all you out there could see, and the most important one is that we’ve migrated our connection to a secured one. See that green lock in front of “https://” from the url adress bar ? Yep, that’s it.

Ok, what does that mean, some of you ask maybe. Well, let us tell you…

The Advantages Of HTTPS

Obviously, the major benefit of encrypting connections to and from a site is that they can’t read by any third-party. It will no longer be possible for anyone to snag data flowing between the website and the users from the air. But, a number of other benefits come along with SSL.

Identity Verification

A certificate guarantees the information a browser is receiving originates at the expected domain. It’s a guarantee that when a user sends sensitive data, it’s being sent to the right place, and not to a malicious third-party.

Data Integrity

If data is sent in the clear, it’s possible for a third-party to sit between the server and the browser and read everything, But, even worse, if they can read it, they can change it. By hijacking a connection, a hacker can see what the browser is requesting and the site is sending; they can intercept the data sent by the site and alter it before sending it on to the browser — the user would never know.

HTTPS connections make this sort of man-in-the-middle attack much more difficult to pull off.


Finally, that green padlock indicates that we take security seriously and helps give users confidence.


Thank you for understanding ! Long live !